Schenkerian Graphs | 05/09/04

Shown here are a couple pictures I made using Schenkerian graphs as art. If it's not a useful tool for analysis (but it is), at least it makes for some pretty cool wall-hangings. This was done about eight months ago and currently resides in Jamie's dining room.

I woke up around 9:30am and immediately ran errands. My first stop was to the school of music to mail off my set of three pieces (Brazil, Tico Tico and The Chicken Dance [gag]) to Roanoke, VA. I also was able to reclaim my student ID from the homely library girls after some forced flirting. I left school to go to the bank where I deposited my first check from the school in VA. I then hauled ass to the UPS Store (formerly Mailboxes, etc) to get the boxes to ship my eBay items. It cost me $27 but at least it's over now. I also got an enormous box to ship my mom's mother's day present (3ft x 2ft x 8in)but I'm worried that I won't be able to afford to ship something that big. Once home I packed up all but one of the items before Matt came over to work on his wedding music. We got all of it done except the recessional, which will hopefully be completed tomorrow. Once he left I tried to convince Chompy to go out (she has not wanted to go out for two days--she head-butts me to go but as soon as I grab the leash she hides in the bathroom). I told her we were going to the dog park and she finally came around but really I took her to PetCo to get some more food. Upon our safe return home I busted out my arrangement of Toto's Africa and got to work making it a workable score. I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening working on that but it's still not done. I don't know how the small group was able to make it sound so good when there were so many mistakes in the score. Yikes. Chris, Mike, Jamie and I went to the Atlanta Bread Company for dinner and then Jamie dragged me to the mall. My only purchase was a muscle-man shirt (a glorified T-shirt with no sleeves). I've been trying to motivate myself to get back to the gym and that wasn't going to happen unless I felt bad about myself. Unlike most self-esteem issue people, I'm really good at convincing myself I look great. No haircut? No problem! Tiny body? No problem! I think I look like a million bucks. Well, not in the muscle-man shirt. I look like your stereotypical San Francisco queen of the late 1980's. It's definitely humiliating enough that I'll be going to the gym tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep in this shirt every night so that I can look at my skinny-little body and be depressed enough to pump iron the rest of the day. After we got back from the mall, Jamie and I played Cranium. It's not a very fun two-player game but neither Chompy, nor The Ab could sculpt clay or act out dead presidents so we had to make do. I would imagine it to be a lot of fun with the recommended amount of people. My goals tomorrow are to: a) work out, b) mail eBay items, c) go mattress shopping with Mike, d) finish Matt's wedding music e) finish my corrections on Africa f) send out more job applications. With only six things on my list, I'm confident I'll be able to get them all done, but at the same time I can't really judge my own apathy until I'm in the moment.




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