Organize-y | 09/18/06

Last night I did something I should have done long, long ago. When I moved to Florida I had sent most of my things down on a train to save room in the cars. In my car's backseat were two things: my computer and boxes of CDs in jewel cases. If you've been to my home you've seen, stacked next to the cichlid aquarium in the dining room, about 8' of ascending CDs. They go up so high that you can't see what they are and because they're in the dining room there is no motivation to go in there to find what you want. No longer!

After organizing all of my computer CDs (~100), my DVDs (~4) and my video games (~dork) I decided it was time to tackle the regular ole music CDs. Last night I plunked $120 at Best Buy to buy five faux-leather bound CD cases. I only made it so far as the jazz section but I was able to fill about 70 slots so apparently I'm allowed to buy another 18 Art Blakey CDs. I'm not sure how to organize the classical section--by era? Composer name? Genre? Each presents their own problem so I'll probably do the pop section since Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix can reside peacefully in the same book.




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