Baity is Dead | 05/12/04

I have to be honest. Until tonight I hadn't showered for a few days. More than two days? Yes. I'm not proud of it but it's true. It's been so long that now by whole body itches from the shock of Lever 10,000. I spent the time that I wasn't in the shower cleaning my house. I must say, it looks pretty good. It would look better if I had a working vacuum. Saturday night is going to be some sort of game night so if you're reading this, you should come. Jamie and I watched the series finale of Fraiser tonight and even though I never watched the show regularly I always enjoyed it when it was on. I discovered that Baity the Beta had died. Apparently fish need water to swim and...(arguably more importantly) live. Apparently he had not had water for a number of weeks and I couldn't find his body amongst the rocks and dried algae. Matt and I finished up the music for his wedding so now I just have to make parts (gee..hooray) and then mail them out. Once that's done I have to learn my part, which is surprisingly hard. I was hoping to pass it off to the other tenor player but I guess that wasn't an option. In other news, my pan is in California at the chromer and should be done within a month. Unfortunately, I won't really get to use it but hopefully I can con some of my bandmates into have a no-reason rehearsal with me so I can test it out.




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