Who Loves Sleeping? | 05/13/04

No gnus are good gnus. I spent the morning...sleeping. Big time sleeping. Matt Flynn came over around noon and he and I went to school to pick up our last checks. See, in the religion department they can make up to $9k a semester in assistantships where as in the School of Music tops off at $3k. Funny how that works. Anyway, even though his teaching assistantship didn't happen this semester, he still cashed in for $6k. That bastard. That's the maximum a doctoral student can get teaching a full load for a YEAR in the Music School. Whatever. Anyway, he and I picked up our last checks and then he took me out to lunch at Jimmy John's, an establishment I haven't patronized since I lived in Milwaukee. Matt, being somewhat aloof walked to the front of the line and started ordering even though there were five people standing there. Since he was paying for me, I too had to slide up to order. This obese woman behind us was whispering not-so-quietly to her obese husband some nasty things about us. Well, chunkos, I'm sorry we cut but you probably shouldn't have been eating there anyway. We brought our food back here (after I stole a handful of straws) and watched some Family Guy before he left. Once he left I ran some errands to the pet store, Publix and picked up my reprinted check from the University Center. Upon my return home I tried to take a nap but people kept calling me. Michael and Jamie came over for my nearly-blackened chicken and although I had never made it before I think it turned out really well. Go me, it's my birthday. After dinner we played some Rummikub and Trivial Persuit Pop DVD. Michael was our honorary winner after getting the first five pieces in about three minutes. A lucky book on comic books gave me an edgy win, though. Tomorrow is another garage sale day so we must awake early in order to shop before game night take two.




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