A Friendly Game of Pictionary | 05/14/04

Since there are so many pictures and I don't want to waste space next to them, today is going to cover every minute of my day.

6:15am: The alarm goes off and I'm supposed to go estate saling. The alarm is dutifully ignored for at least thirty minutes. I finally get up, convince furry animals to urinate, throw on a bandana and head off. My first "estate" sale was an old couple selling scary war memorabilia. If I anything about value, I would have bought it just to sell it for those freaks that watch the history channel all day and discuss different strategies that should have been implemented in WWII. Since I know nothing about such things I passed on all the war medals and other crap and moved on to the second one on my list. This one was in fact an estate sale but the blue hairs were already ransacking the home, haggling the 2 cent butterfly magnets down to a penny and the seven cent doilies down to five. The deceased's daughter-in-law offered me a home gym for $150. It really was a home gym, with about six painfully looking pieces of torture that I'd only seen at Leach. Upon looking it up when I got home, the woman was not lying when she said it cost upwards of $6k to put it all together. I admit, though, I was a little hurt that she asked me in particular if I needed a home gym. I asked her how she selected me and she told me it was just because I was a young male and in her mind we're the only demographic that would have use for such things. Deep down I know it was because I am anti-buff. Whatever, no big deal. If I had room I would have bought it so I wouldn't have to go to Leach but I have no room left in my apartment, so I had to pass. I then went across the street but alas, they only had enormous cardboard boxes filled with plush Nemo fish. Probably knock-off plush Nemo fish. Saddened, I headed to the last location. Little did I know that it was going to be awesome. The house was filled with modernist art (and I mean FILLED) form the '60s and '70s. It was selling at the bargain (no really, bargain--I'm talking museum quality) price of about $450 per piece. Although I couldn't afford any of the art, I did manage to get an ottoman chair and matching rocking chair for $35. Michael was kind enough to take me back with his mini-van. As we were packing, I saw some of not-nearly-as-awesome-but-still-way-better-than-my art pieces were priced to move. I couldn't afford them all but I picked out a couple (the two on display) as well as one that looked like a wood-cut but actually painted with oil. Suddenly, the son of the deceased informed us that if we (Michael and I) helped move the dining furniture we could have the art for free. Score! With everything safely in tow, we drove back to my house where Michael met up with Chris and we hauled the new finds to my already-cramped apartment. Jamie and I got some lunch and I cleaned and nap in preparation for game night.

Everyone arrived promptly at 10:30pm for the 9pm start. First up was Pictionary: Ian, Jamie and I dealt crushing blows to Beth & Kathy and Meg, Marty and Dave en route to an easy victory. We next settled in for the longest, most painstaking game of Trivial Persuit Pop Edition, possibly, in the history of the world. Theory-Chris came mid-way through to boost team #2 (me, Jamie, Dave and Kathy) almost to a last-second win over Beth, Marty, Meg and Ian but alas, we couldn't take advantage of our "For The Win" questions. Dave serenaded us on guitar for a while and then Kathy and Chris defeated me and Jamie in a late-night Euchre match. Once everyone left, Jamie and I settled into some Super Pretzels and called it a night.




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