Online Canasta | 05/16/04

My seven game winning streak came to an end tonight, but not before I got a demoralizing victory. Although it was a pretty big win, my biggest was still over 7500 points, leaving my opponent with a score in the negatives. The rest of my day was occupied primarily by sleeping. After an early rise a little before noon, I took another nap around 4pm. Once awake for the second time Jamie bought me some Jimmy John's before we set off to play some tennis. We dodged the massive bugs and displayed our lack of prowess for a couple hours. If only I had a serve and backhand that didn't spin me completely around I'd be in pretty good shape. It's not that I can't hit the backhands--but literally I have to spin 360 degrees to get back to hit the next shot. I'd definitely do best in doubles tennis when I can stand up at the net and just whack balls back, ideally from people who think they can get it past me. Don't hit it too high, though. I don't like to run.


ggg (Unknown)




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