Way To Go Jamie | 05/18/04

A congratulations is in order to Jamie, who was accepted into the MSW program at the University of Michigan, easily regarded as the top program in the nation for social work. I'm trying not to be bitter, since UM was one of two schools (UC-San Diego as well) that rejected me for my masters. I guess that's the difference between a 3.40 and a 3.97 GPA. Oh well, good for her. Being a slacker-loser, I did nothing today. I spent my morning and afternoon updating all the nedstat counters for some of the pages of the Mas N Steel site and cleaning up my journal pages so people with slower connections can actually see the pictures I post. This evening Jamie and I played our second round of tennis. She was a lot better but I still am pretty sucky. My backhands were slightly improved but I still suck at serving from the right-hand side of the court.

People keep coming to this page via "Facts About Steel Drums". So, since I'm not tired yet, I'll post some facts.

Steel Drum Facts

1. Before cut, a steel drum can hold 880 cups of coffee. (or oil)

2. The steel pan is the most widely used (acoustic) instrument invented in the 20th century. Thanks a lot 80s bands with your tripped-out synths!

3. The steel pan was originally hammered outward. This convex shape apparently was too difficult to play on so it was developed into the concave shape.

Feel free to use this as part of a term paper! I can't cite the accuracy of any of this. Sorry.




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