William and Mary Interview | 05/19/04

Hooray! I received my first interview of the year today, from the College of William and Mary. Located in historic Williamsberg, VA, I would be lying if I said I wanted to live in a city of 12,000 but at the same time, it is a well-respected school and apparently has done well-enough to succeed for the past 311 years. 311 years! It's the second oldest college in the country after Harvard. Take that Yalies! The interview will be of the phone variety and while I'd rather do one in person, at least I do not need to get a haircut. I'm going to take the advice of (now professor) Scott Baker and dress up formally to get into the mindset of a real interview. Apparently they were willing to forgive the sentence in my cover letter that had no spaces after the period that went into the next sentence.Like this.

Chompy's visit to the vet was a success and she received a clean bill of health (and a good number of shots). The vet told me I could stand to feed her more, since she's lost a little weight since a year ago. It's hard to believe that my vicious attack pit bull weighs a meager 42 pounds. After the vet I went with Michael to Tallahassee's favorite music store, Beethoven & Overpriced. On our adventurous way home we wound up at the CFA, where I was treated to a feast. Once home I partook in my favorite activity, a nap. Jamie and I got a pizza as an early celebratory dinner for our victories and then we hauled off to 119 for some Cranium. Yes, that's right Chris and Michael had Cranium the whole time. A fun time was had by all, even if tensions were high during Michael's rendition of Princess Leia from Star Wars. Michael wins the award for eyes-closed drawing ability, Chris for all-questions-red, Jamie for humming pop hits and me, well, I'm the clay-master.

In other news, Bono was given an honorary degree from UPenn. As I said to Marty, I've been writing crappy music for years and never received a doctorate. Maybe I need to stick my nose into the political affairs of countries that hate me. I guess by that qualification I could run for president, though. Maybe I need to get dorky classes and only write music over the same chord progression for twenty years. Yes, that's the ticket!




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