Boo Clemson | 09/17/06

We were totally gyped against Clemson. I mean TOTALLY. Sure, both our offense and defense sucked but our special teams had us tied until the last 0:08 seconds. Nonetheless, we should SHOULD have gotten the ball back on their 10 yard line after a fumble recovery but no. Ugh, it was horrible. Nothing worse than the walk of shame back to your car after a game like that. As a seasoned Cubs fan I have a well-prepared lecture on "waiting until next year".

On Sunday jamie and I went over to Ricky and Tami's for some grilling, TV and Scrabble. Jamie pulled the upset in Scrabbled. Well, good for her; it was a weekend of upsets.


Jhonny (02/07/12)

My grandpa loves Clemson but I do not



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