Bowling for Burgers | 05/22/04

I found this game via a link on the Western Illinois University res life floor page--the floor where my brother lived. The guy who runs the page is pretty incompetent but nonetheless his random selection of links yields some interesting results. Anyway, this game is a huge red ball and you drag these items along the edges onto the ball one at a time. Different items effect the ball-world differently and cause certain other items to grow. Once you get them in the right order, everything grows to its full potential. It's really kind of dumb but nonetheless I spent about a half hour on it until I got the right order. If you want to play it (now that you have directions [it's called Grow 3] since there are none on the site) click here.

I woke up around noon yesterday. I tried to watch the Cubs game but TV Guide was wrong for what seems like the 20th time this year. Until an hour before game time the game appears on ESPN but then *bam* it's not actually on but rather some sort of curling competition or competitive eating. I drove out to Ox Bottom to meet with the party-throwers for Saturday and it is a NICE place. I got sufficiently lost in Ox Bottom, since apparently wealthy developers are lacking basic math principles. She didn't seem to mind that I was a little bit late but I still felt bad. I got even more lost in my way out, getting stuck in huge circles with traffic circle exits. I stopped at the mall to try to find some new shoes but nothing there seemed chic enough to clinch a job interview. Since I was on the other side of town anyway, I decided to check into Petland. Jamie and I agreed to not shop at Petland any more because they sell dogs for profit. Nonetheless, they had some nice fish. The $5 peacock I bought in November (as a fry) is now being sold for $39.99 (as an adult--like mine) I can't believe that! Maybe I should raise exotic cichlids as my only source of income. Jamie wanted to do something active, so we set our sights on bowling. Chris and Mike came over around 9:30 and we trotted to the bowling alley, where we waited for a half-hour before we got a lane. We were all pretty terrible the first game, combining to score less than a professional in a good game. The second game was marked by the tremendous turnaround by Chris, nearly doubling his score from the first game. I was able to fend Michael off in the 2nd game to beat him by a pin, although I definitely went over the line on a half-dozen shots (by about a foot), so I don't exactly feel like I deserve a crown. We then came back to my house for some gossip and hanging-out and called it a night around 2am.




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