College of William and Mary Interview: Part II | 05/27/04

I have returned! Although I have many fun stories, I'm not sure anyone one but me cares to review the minute-by-minute replay of the past two days so I'll just put that at the end and you can stop reading after a small synopsis.

My flight down was highly uneventful, which was fine by me. Since I didn't get a lot of sleep before I left, I snoozed through the second flight entirely, only waking to wipe drool off my mouth and to shift into a less snoreful position. My directions getting in were perfect and made it with a half hour to spare. I was met by GR, my potential-future boss in the lobby of the hotel and we went back to his office for a quick meeting and tour of the campus. I met with one of the other liaisons and he gave me the extended tour through the heart of the IT world. I confessed that I liked Windows despite the number of apples pasted to peoples' doors. We went out to dinner with TL, the man who has retired from the position. He struck me as a Renaissance man--one of those people that is good at everything and obviously well-liked by all. After dinner I went back to the hotel and accidentally fell asleep instead of giving myself the driving tour of the area. Since I fell asleep around 8:45pm the night before, I woke up at 4:40am the second day. I managed to fall asleep before I filled out the "what I want for breakfast form" so I had to drive to the 24 Dunkin' Donut shop down the street. at 9am I met with JH and WA and they were most helpful in describe the day-to-day life of a liaison. They dropped me off for, in my opinion, the most interesting of the liaisons, Px (x=?). He and I discussed a lot of media aspects and he filled my head with good ideas. For lunch, I met the penultimate liaison, Tx. Her responsibilities were the sciences but both she and I were both into acrylic painting. My final meeting was with the last liaison and the heads of the Theater, Speech and Dance departments and the department of Music. The head of the TSD was also an accomplished bassist and the kind of guy that everyone must like to have around. The head of Music was a little more focused on what she actually wanted than interviewing me, so I did a lot of sitting and listening. The flights home were fine, save the inbound to Tallahassee that didn't leave until 11:45. Jamie picked me up right on time and then I fell asleep.

On the whole, it seems the liaisons remind me of a show my brother used to watch incessantly: The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. While, no, they don't morph into anything (at least in the most literal sense of the word), they all have very powers. I can see them coming together to form a very impressive think-tank sort of deal. What I liked the most about them is that they're all really smart in so many areas. I love the fact they all have graduate degrees in their field and them BAM, they're incredibly intelligent on a host of other topics. What's even more amazing is that I didn't feel even the slightest bit of competition between them. They all seemed very supportive of each other and had nothing but praise to lavish behind the others' backs. What a serious change of environment that would be for me.




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