White Sox Fans Suck | 06/27/04

The Cubs lost two out of three against the cross-town "rivals", if you can call the White Sox that. Usually a rival is an equally good team and both sides have an equal number of fans and they all come together and clash over who is better. Aside from the fact the number of White Sox fans can be counted on one hand, both teams are good for one of the few times in the past century. The Sox outplayed the Cubs and to me, I would have been ok if they had lost all three if I hadn't had to endure the worst announcing in the history of broadcasting. Leading the White Sox announcing on WGN is Hawk Harrelson, quite possibly the most irritating person to ever live. He frequently omits verbs from sentences and his catch phrases are only applicable when something good happens to the White Sox. When the opponent does the same thing, he says the same thing but with a really annoying tone in his voice: one of a deep sadness. "you can, well, I guess, put it on the board" versus, "You can put it on the board....YES!" He is also paired with one of the worst Cubs (and Sox) players of my lifetime, Darrin Jackson. Other than leading the NL in strikeouts one year, he was never near a top-ten season in any category. Darrin's vocabulary consists about six, possibly seven words and I think he has a spinny-wheel (like the one used in the game of Life) to determine which of his prophecies to spew. Most often it's the word "cutter". Fastball, curveball, fan eating hot dog, political issues, his response of "cutter" is appropriate in all situations. Their collective WORST trait is that they give the White Sox way too much credit for strategy. Wild pitch that scores a run? "Ozzie Guillen is playing to build the confidence of the Cubs just to break them down". Bases-loaded walk? "Another great move to prevent multiple runs from scoring" Shortstop error? "Take another hit away for the Cubs!" You would think there'd be at least a trace of sarcasm on these things but there's not. Along these lines are the fact that once they've touched on a subject, you're stuck listening to it for the next four innings. Yesterday it was that the Cubs were in the NL and the Sox in the AL. You're kidding! They are? I had no idea all this time; well that certainly explains why they only play each other a couple times a season. According to Darrin and Hawk, this works as a huge advantage for the White Sox because the Cubs pitchers have never seen their hitting line-up. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't have a degree in statistics, or philosophy but bear with me while I suggest this: perhaps the White Sox pitching has not seen the Cubs line-up either? Now, I know it's a stretch. Ugh, these guys should not even be allowed to speak, let alone to get paid for it. I'd rather hear John Madden calling a game. "See, now here we've got a baseball game. You know what I love about baseball? That it's a game".

Jamie and I tried to get tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11but they were sold out. We're going back tomorrow night. I went with Chris to the Bio Lab to print out some of my new art pieces. Click here to see them. They're a little less than 4'x3' and will be mounted to wood and framed.




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