Hey Pig. Hey Piggy Piggy Pig. | 06/26/04

Piggy piggy! Flashblack: 8pm. Jamie is hungry but I am not, after eating some ice cream. She suggests ordering a pizza. Thinking I'll eat a piece and can save the rest for future consumption I agree. Flashforward: 9pm. Jamie has eaten a single piece of pizza and I have eaten half of it. Piggy piggy. I did some apartment hunting today in Tallahassee. The most promising one ended up being a bright teal, held up by a number of cinder blocks in a place the police would never go. I'm still looking. The night ended with some Taboo. We were much friendlier than the last time and it was very fun.

The password is browse.

Chris: "Hello. Can I help you with something? Oh, no thank you, I'm just...."

Jamie: "Fine, thank you."




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