Retiring as Webnovice | 06/24/04

I knew this was eventually going to happen. It is time for me to retire as the Mas N' Steel web"master". More like webnovice. Well, somewhere in between. Maybe, like, webcompetentuser. Whatever, you get the idea. While this site isn't really that great, I've always received a lot of nice compliments, both from people I know and random visitors. The saddest part will be moving this page from its home to a new location. I enjoy the traffic here--is any other location really going to continue to keep me at the top of Google searches? At least now I received a pleasant email informing me of the situation instead of my idea of one day my password not working and having to go in and change it back, upsetting numerous other people. Not that I would really do that (as we learned from the last time such a thing happened) but I'd like to picture myself as some rebellious rogue, changing passwords of the rich to provide journal entries to the poor.

My meeting with Dr. Clendinning went well today and the only problem with my day was the fact the steel band room was locked and I needed to get some things out of it. They key, naturally, was gone too so Chris, Michael and I spent the better part of lunch complaining about why that would be. I personally was a little upset that my drum had all the notes scrawled in enormous letters now. It also appears the summer camps are using a lot of music. As Chris pointed out, why teach Caribbean music when there are gig-arrangements that can contribute nothing to their experience? Good point, Chris. Why, indeed? Whatever, my time at FSU is running out and I'd be lying if I said I was going to lose sleep over it.

I finished up moving my new filing cabinet underneath the new one. I now have an eight foot tower of music-holding organization at my disposal. It wouldn't be so tall if I didn't put one of my enormous living room speakers on top...with the stereo itself on top of that. I should just put it all away since neither the speaker nor the stereo is plugged in, but no matter what I'm going to be moving so I don't want to waste my time just cleaning up needlessly here. Speaking of moving, still no word from William and Mary. Hopefully it'll be tomorrow, but I've been saying that for a month. I have no choice but to call them on Monday because I just need to know now that the apartment situation has reached the DECISION-RIGHT-NOW stage. They've been calling me every day for a week so now it's time for them just to let me know. Please. Let me know. And let me know with a big fat yes.




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