Fashion Institute of Technology | 06/23/04

Of all the types of artists, I think art-artists have the toughest job. If someone calls me up and says, I'll give $100 to write me song I can take down roughly what the person wants and then create around it. Even if someone gives me some rigid limits, I can still create around them. But if someone gives an artist $100 to paint "easily recognizable flowers in a normal style" and the guy really wants to cater to the task at hand, he has to smear some paint and make it look like flowers. Not only that, but any idiot off the street can say, "Hey, those look like flowers!" which, if the goal is to draw some flowers, makes the job that much harder. Even worse, some idiot off the street can say, "Hey, those don't look like flowers!" and suddenly you have no talent (or, in most artsy circles a ridiculous amount of talent).

I keep having dreams where I lose my lower set of teeth. Jamie says it's because of telling lies, Kathy because of work-related stress and some dream-website because I want to be a suckling baby again. I'm weird about teeth--I like having all of my teeth. I have nice, straight teeth after years of braces, retainers and other oral-torture devices and I'd like to keep them. I enjoy flossing probably more than any straight man should (though I do not have one of those halitosis-fighting tongue scrapers) so it bothers me in my dreams when I lose my teeth. They fall out with a slight wiggle and it's always the same ones.

I got some music today. Hits of 1997. It was a good year. I got that much-needed high school diploma and started college at one of the oft-neglected Public Ivy's: The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. UWM's prestige was only shadowed by the quality of education and reputation. Yeah, ok, I didn't have a lot of choices. Sub 3.0 GPA's make for some tough decisions for college admission boards. Somewhere around here is my acceptance letter from Northwestern University for their DM program. Ah, my victory. How I would have liked to have faxed copies to all my high school "teachers". Booyah, in the right environment anyone can succeed. $30,000 a year towards tuition? For me? Even though I had all those C's and D's in high school? Gee, is that really fair? Hell yeah it's fair. Ah, just because I can stack a couple of buzzing frequencies the right way I go to graduate school for free. Well, not at NU of course, but at FSU. Ah, Marty. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing your away message of back to the fsuture. Hi Fashion Institute of Technology! Welcome back. I'm in a weird mood. Sorry.




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