Hofstadter | 06/21/04

In what little down time I had today I knocked out a couple more chapters in the Hofstadter essay. It's still interesting but you really have to set aside some time (I did anyway) to really let most of it sink in. I think his ideas are accurate in theory but some of the more bizarre ideas require a degree of separation from the actual text. Well, if nothing else the woodcut on the cover is pretty cool. I tempered my nerdiness with sports and heavy metal so I still don't feel too bad. I still can't find my Society for Music Theory pocket protector, but that's probably a good thing.

I still haven't heard from W&M and I'm starting to get worried. I have local-deadlines coming up for things like apartment renewal and such and I really need to know if I can forgo the scouring of the Tallahassee apartment ads. I just want to know, even if the answer is no at this point. I sent an email today stating that I still was excited about working for them but I didn't receive a reply--not that I really expected one. If someone sent me an email like that the only response I'd be able to muster would be "Ok, thanks". My greatest fear over the job is that it's already been offered to someone else and they're waiting for him/her to accept before the losers are notified. It's funny how near-limitless optimism can be savaged by being left alone to think for a month.

I received a couple blasts from the past today. The first was an email by my elementary school friend, Annie. She was a very talented golfer and now resides in Nevada after a degree UNLV and a stint strapping bombs to planes. The last time I played golf was in 4th grade at Jonathan Sherman's birthday party. I remember not being particularly good, but at that time I wasn't really good at anything athletic, unlike now where my prowess for tennis can break bones (literally [and not my own, thank you]) and my stellar basketball skills include carrying my team with 20 points a game and punching middle aged men out to prove "they've still got it". Well anyway, at least I'm not the only one whose life has taken a series of interesting turns. I blame Wheatland Elementary, really. The second was another letter from my high school friend, Matt, who left the Berklee School of Music in Boston to pursue life in...well, a religious cult. I guess there's no easy way of saying it. After almost eight years, though, he's finally starting to break free from it and has returned back to Illinois to live with his dad (at least for a while). Tomorrow I'll post a new student email, since everyone seems to enjoy reading those.

I got an email back from another company interested in seeing some of music for publishing, so I need to decide which ones I'm going to send. Not that I'm complaining, but now I have to make some decisions as to which companies I'm going to let publish which pieces. Boy, look at poor, poor me. Having to choose between publishing companies. Boo hoo.




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