Dear Student II | 06/16/04

Ah, errand-days. I finally dropped off the remaining property of FSU from our last gig after having it in and around my house for almost three weeks. The next session of music camps are starting soon and I'm sad to see that my pan is going to be beaten to death by a bunch of middle school voice kids. Hopefully my new one will arrive from Alan soon and I can get to work learning all my pieces. While I know I probably will not need to know them with any sort of immediacy, it would be nice not to have to hack my way through a piece I composed if and when I need to know more than the drum set part.

I made some chicken soup last night and the altered recipe was pretty good, although I'm sure Jamie would say otherwise (despite the fact she ate 2x as much of it as I did). Speaking of Jamie, her birthday present arrived in the mail today. Part of it is considerably different than advertised and isn't I was hoping. The other part, of course, is exactly what it should be (not that anyone had any control over that). I also received my next packet of pieces to work on. It included Flight of the Bumblebee, a piece I had been meaning to do my own arrangement of for some time so it looks like I'll get the chance. Also needed is a transcription of Pan in A Minor. I admit that I'm scared to listen to the recording. Of course I know how the panorama version goes but what if this one is even harder to transcribe? Eek!

Dear somestudent,

First, and I say first because I can't believe how many things I need to address from such a short email, did you just refer to me as Mike? Maybe if you had come to class more than six times this year (notice the date) you would know what my last name is. I know that most TA's let you call them by their first names, but I hate that and until you, I had made it three straight semesters without such an incident. Secondly, the lab hours were written on the board, by me, in class. Naturally you were too busy with your many scholarly activities to come to notice this. Perhaps if you weren't trying to find ways to enable java to play Yahoo Pool on the few days you *were* in class, you would have seen the scrawls. Now, you say that you'll "try to get it done sometime tomorrow". Hello! It was due today! There were people in the class that didn't know the monitor had to be on to see the screen at the beginning of the semester and they managed to get everything done on time. Finally (sort of), I don't care what your reasons are. Chiefs? Last time I checked, and I admit, I could be wrong since I am not an administrator, you were not forced to play in the marching band. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic to your plight, but I just don't care. Believe me, I have been known, on occasion, to not budget my time as well as I should and everyone is guilty of that sometimes, but THIS IS YOUR FINAL! Finally (no really, finally this time), what is up with that signature? You're a brother? You're certainly not my brother. And what's up with your grade-level and institution? Oh gee, maybe I forgot where I was teaching? Thanks for filling me in! Unless ETSOB stands for Ear Training Son of a B*tch, I'd leave that off too. See, now *I* could put ETSOB, because I am. And, haha, what kills me is that you're in the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. Seriously, what's the GPA required of that a 1.0? No seriously, because I think you just made that up. If *you're* in that, can I be in the FBI or some other place I am completely unqualified?

Although you will get a zero on your final, your other projects were very-well received, giving you a 71% average, a C-. Ooh, but you never came to class. Your final grade is an F!

For those of you io an extra-curricular venture a couple years ago, you might just know




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