Happy Birthday Jamie! | 06/12/04

Jamie woke me up early today and, having to agree to all birthday obligations, I got changed quickly and she came to pick me up. Aside from getting two canvases for a dollar each, we got to them too late to find anything of sentimental or resalable value. One of the three we visited was a true estate sale but the camouflage wearing, gun rack-on-mini-van driving couple who was in charge obviously had no idea of value. While usually that's a good thing and items are priced to move, these two apparently thought anything more than 20 years old was automatically something people would be stick-fighting for, in hopes of even higher resales to The Smithsonian. When I got home I took Chompy shopping. I'm excited to try out the new pet-friendly policy at Home Depot but I most likely won't since Chompy hates loud noises and I'm guessing there might be at least one in a place that will assemble a house in-shop for the right price. We met up with Chris and Mike for a quick dinner at Applebees before meeting up with Jamie's roommates for the official birthday celebration.




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