Mino's of Tallahassee | 06/10/04

Last night Jamie and I went out with her parents to Nino's to celebrate her birthday. Who is our waiter? None other than Tom McC.! We briefly caught up on what was new and made some plans to get together that will never materialize. After dinner we went back to Jamie's parents' house so she could open their presents. Also present was her sister's dog...the same dog who had bitten me the first time we met. It was for this reason that a shock-collar and hundreds of dollars of private training were given to the dog. This time, though, it was glad to see me and didn't even try to bite. I was curious as to how much voltage ran through the collar and Jamie's dad was all too eager to hook me up. I couldn't feel it at 20 volts but at 40...zap. No really, *zap*. It didn't really hurt but it definitely was well, shocking. As Jamie opened her presents her sister's dog rolled over so I could give it some good petting. The dog reminded me of Jenny Sultzer's dog Pele. Pele The Pit Bull was a great dog and always got a long well with Chompy. They were both tough but deep down I know Pele was really tough. What cracked me up about Pele was that she had huge, hanging dog-nipples. I don't say this to be offensive, but it was just a fact. While Chompy and Abby's are barely visible, Pele had enormous nipples that hung down at least 1.5" from her stomach. Last night as I was petting Jamie's sister's dog, I thought I had finally found a dog with larger nipples. This dog had some huge ones--not just in length but in circumference. I kept running my hand over it in the petting, in shock that a dog could have such big ones. I slid my hand over to try to find the parallel one but couldn't. I figured it was because it was a pure-breed and most of them have weird bodies because of years of nearly-inbreeding. After another five minutes I remembered that her sister's dog, Walker, was a male. *shudder*




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