Good News from Roanoke | 06/09/04

I received a great call today from Roanoke. I was informed by the steel band director there that if get the job in Williamsburg he'll bring his bands and instruments there to help me put on a set of weekend concerts. This is really a great situation because William and Mary's fine arts departments could use some big publicity, I'd have a much better chance of starting a steel band there once people knew what was coming and his bands would get to play a big venue (hopefully). In the spirit of good faith between the departments there, maybe the final concert could be a ticketed one and the proceeds split evenly between them. I was warned that the departments don't always get along well so maybe something like this that can be used to promote them all would work well. This solves a huge problem of actually getting instruments *to* Williamsburg, since that's not exactly something that is easily accomplished. I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up in case this all crashes into my face but what's the harm in a little advance planning? Right Brian? Tomorrow Jamie and I are going out with her parents for her birthday dinner. Chompy is still afraid of storms and spent most of the day in the closet or in the bathtub. Poor dog.

Leftovers. You become an adult when you readily eat the leftovers you prepare the night before. Oh, I'm great at putting them into containers and refrigerating them but when the time comes to eat them...bleh, might as well cook a new meal. Along with owning a couch that's not a futon and not purchased from Goodwill, leftover consumption is one of the surest signs of adulthood.

I have a great new title for a piece: MAGMA. All in caps. MAGMA. Say it out loud. No really, say it out loud. MAGMA. See, that's pretty hip isn't it? Now I just need a cool musician-name. Like Leadbelly...but without the murder (and attempted murder) charges. And being discovered in jail.




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