Download Fracas | 06/08/04

Well, I almost accomplished my mission from yesterday of taking the dogs to the park and finishing Ab's piece but I couldn't do it. What I've learned in the past year is why you need to compose every day. Because sometimes, you just don't have it. And when you don't have it and try to force it, it's not good. The point being, when you're having a sucky day, just take it off and go back tomorrow. I spent about three hours trying to grind out some bad music before I took my own advice and took the dogs to the park.

When we arrived the golden retriever that had attacked Jamie was there with her owner. He gave me a dirty look as I came in so I made sure to stand by him, which meant Chompy (who had pummeled his dog in saving Jamie last time) was going to stand by me. He left within a couple minutes and the next hour and a half was spent with just the three of us (me, Chompy, Abby). The dogs weren't in much a fighting mood so they mostly just stood around in the shade. Chompy dug her way under the fence to get into the small-dogs-only part of the area but there were no dogs there either and she came back when I called her.

I made a feast for dinner last night and discovered one of my favorite old computer games--Fracas. It's kind of like the board game risk. The game is nothing that would impress anyone who has owned a computer in the past 10 years but I like simple strategy games so I'm happy. Jamie beat me in her first try last night, though, so I'm going to need to practice a little bit.


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