More Music For Steel Drums | 06/07/04

Ah, after a hectic couple weeks running around the house, the city, the state and the country, my life is back to normal. The next two weeks hold a few more final items that require cross-offs but everything else should be pretty smooth. I spent my day getting in some composing, since I hadn't been able to sit down and just write due to more pressing issues the past few weeks. Although it's not done yet, It's A Brand New Day is almost done. It keeps with my positive music and cheery titles. I've long since abandoned writing sad or mischievous music--where's the challenge in that? Plus, the FSU composers already compose enough of that self-indulgent-depression-inducing crap anyway--at least they did when I was in that area (so don't go get all pissed off, Marty). Abby was over tonight and aside from vomiting numerous times on the floor, she was pretty good company. The piece is a little tribute to her, since whenever she wakes up she's as happy as any dog on the face of this earth, even if she's only been asleep for ten minutes. She exudes "it's a brand new day!" so I figured I'd try to catch some of her good vibes. I foolishly did not drive the Taurus today, which means it probably won't work tomorrow. I went through "the anal box", the massive drawer in my living room that, unlike the rest of my house, is in perfect order. I enjoy going through it because it's so tidy. It holds all my important papers and music and other things I need to be able to call up on short notice. Why can't I get all of the less-important things organized like that? I discovered I was overcharged for my hotel stay in Dry Creek, KY. I knew that state was up to no-good. I guess I need to call Bank of America tomorrow and demand that the bill be lowered. Since the ceiling didn't work and the toilet overflowed onto the floor I was expecting, if anything, a little discount.

Today was Emmy's birthday and I totally forgot. Oops. Happy Birthday (not that you would ever be here to read this). Oh, to correct an earlier entry from my trip, the girl I was playing pan with was not the Fulbright scholar I thought she was. They both just have unusual names and I flipped them in my head. I talked to Brian today and he was his usual talkative self (as the above image indicates). Jamie and I got some BW3s for dinner. Mmm mmm. Tomorrow I hope to finish my piece and take Chompy to the dog park. Neither of these tasks are particularly hard and both are fun so I should feel pretty darn fulfilled.




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