Matt's Wedding: Day 3 | 06/05/04

We woke up late and putzed around town for a few hours. I met up with Jenny's softball team and Matt gave us a tour of campus. It was still amazing. Oxford is what I've always pictured as a college town. Lots of small commercial establishments that aren't chains with college students working and people walking everywhere instead of driving. Tallahassee is supposed to be a college town but fell far short of what I would have liked. Three cheers for Oxford! We all showered and changed and went to the wedding. Everything went very smoothly and the whole ceremony barely lasted a half-hour. I was too nervous to enjoy anything because I had remember which words were our cues to play and had a handful of things to watch and listen for to make sure we were together. It went well, though, if for no other reason than we were all experienced musicians. After the wedding I went to the reception where I got to hang out with Ryan and Kim, two of Matt's old friends and we bonded on music and audio engineering (and 80's rock). The reception started at 7pm and I left around 10pm to get started on my driving. I was more tired than I thought I would be and stopped after only driving about two hours. I elected to take the scenic path back, I-75S. My mom scared me by telling me how mountainous it was, but I-65S was just too boring to take again.




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