Matt's Wedding: Day 2 | 06/04/04

I awoke around 10:00am with no idea where I was. I quickly remembered and Matt came to pick me up in his step-father's Mazda Miata. He and I were crammed into the little car and the Korean dry-waller informed us we looked like clowns upon our exit. I stepped worst nightmare had come true. Apparently the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana was ground zero for the 17-year cicadas. It was said there were 10k to a tree. Oxford had plenty of trees, so there were plenty of cicadas. They were everywhere...I was in my own personal hell. When Ty had grabbed one off my shirt last night I hadn't made the connection after driving so long that the one had grabbed one of of billions in the town. I tried to play it cool, of course, because they're the type of guys that if they smelled my fear I'm sure I would have had them thrown at me for the next four days. We drove around town and I got to see the stunningly beautiful Miami of Ohio campus. Apparently, along with W&M, it is one of the eight "Public Ivy" schools. It was much newer than W&M (the only place I've seen that had a similar atmosphere) and was just beautiful. Had the city not been infested with cicadas, I would have completely fallen in love with it. We had our rehearsal that night and I met the other musicians. Ironically, the other pan player was a girl who I had almost emailed a few years ago about going to Trinidad on a Fulbright Scholarship. The pianist was a former English professor at Miami and we all got a long well and, more importantly, played really well. After going through the wedding dry-run, we had some grub at a Chinese restaurant that claimed to have HOT! food but it registered a solid 2/10 on my charts. We then split up, hit some bars and called it a night.




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