Wild Germ Preserve: My Bathroom | 06/02/04

I thought the idea of framing all the pictures I used would aid a flair of...je ne sais quoi. I learned my lesson, though. There will be no more of that after today. Jamie got me a great present last night, the new David Sedaris book. I was supposed to read it on my way to Ohio but I couldn't help myself. Now that Sedaris is immensely popular, I feel as though I should have one of those I-knew-about-him-first attitudes but I'm so happy that a decent writer made it onto the the display units at Borders that I won't complain. If you haven't read any of his books, go right now and buy them. Buy them all. I spent my morning trying to find some information about technological advancements in theatre because on the chance I do get the job in VA, I'd like to go in have a slightly more well-rounded knowledge. Speaking of VA, I found all my 60-page research packets tucked safely in my suitcase. I had meant to give them out during the last part of the interview (with all the faculty) but since only a couple came, I thought it would be more of a distraction than of any help so I didn't even take them out of my bag despite it taking me two hours just in the assembly. Card stock, bindings, complete index/table of contents and some mighty fine partitioning (if I do say so myself) all just to be recycled (Save Mother Earth!). After a couple hours of trying to differentiate between Theatre Technology-The Degree and Theatre Technology-The Toys, I set my sights on streaming media. In an hour I learned more than I had learned from anyone at FSU and while it seems to be an ok idea in theory, I think the drawbacks might make it less than ideal in a lot of ways. Anyway, Michael came over to hang out for an hour and we discussed Matt's upcoming wedding at length. Once he left I made myself some lunch, cleaned my living room and settled in for the Cubs game. The Cubs lost and I'm sad that I won't be able to sit and watch Mark Prior's return on Friday. Oh well. This evening I cleaned my kitchen and bedroom, leaving only the bathroom as the last refuge for my wild-germ preserve. I also put together the quintessential gig-folder. It took me an hour but it's now done and hopefully it's something that will never have to be worried about again. I reprinted some missing parts after doing the last-step detail work and cleaned out the old copies that "someone" (who could it be) wrote letter-names over all the notes. My fingernails are now to the point that I can kind of finger-pick on guitar but after cleaning all day, they're kind of dirty. And not the dirty that can be easily cleaned. Do I cut them for Matt's wedding and give up guitar playing for a while? Or do I leave them and risk Jenny cutting my whole fingers off because they're not spotless? Decisions, decisions! See you Sunday or Monday.




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