Busy Bee | 09/11/06

First off all, barb is now a proud member of the Guilt Links. Over the weekend I plan to make a significant change to them so they load faster. You see, I'm scraping a full page's worth of data and since most of the sites have an RSS feed it will take much less time to parse through that instead. Now that I'm an XML master I can do such things.

Secondly, I am the leader of College Pick 'Em going into a hellish Week 3. As you can see I do not have a commanding lead and I anticipate holding firmly to last place after getting only two games right this week. I have FSU picked to win with only two confidence points after last week's "effort" against Troy; all but one of my upsets I have more riding on.

Over the weekend I started reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Matt told me I'd probably like him since I like David Sedaris so much but while the book was good he's no David Sedaris. I figured I'd give Augusten another chance and last night I finished Dry. Again, a solid B book. If you're not a sarcastic person or have not read David Sedaris you'd probably find it funny and give it an A. Auguesten is more pity-me self-depricating and David is more laugh-at-me self-depricating so it looks like no one will be replacing David off the top of my list.




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