Ford Sucks: II | 06/01/04

Success! I was able to get in touch with Matt and got everything worked out. In addition to the good news of knowing where specifically I was going, I also found out I don't need to leave until Thursday morning (instead of Wednesday). The rest of the day was pretty normal, going through my usual routine with some added thunder storms to help break up the day.

I'm really starting to get tired of Ford. Well, I was already tired of them but now I hate them even more than I did before, if that's possible. They got my hopes up this time, telling me they were going to fix my alternator. hah. Instead they made me pay the $50 deductible just to tell me that it's the battery (again). I took it back to Sears to get a new battery (again) and after standing at Sears, by myself, for an hour, they told me they didn't have batteries that would fit in my car. Thanks for that warranty you sold me! Based on previous experience, the car will run fine unless I have to not drive it for a couple days. Just to help with people doing random google searches:

Experience with Ford: TERRIBLE

Ford Service: TERRIBLE

Ford Quality: TERRIBLE

* Ford * : TERRIBLE

Also, dear friend from the California Institute of Technology, maybe you'd like to send us a guest entry. Tell us a little about yourself, what you did on a certain day. Of course, you can make things up to spice your day up a bit if you have to; no one will know. Just send me an email and I'll happily post it. Those of us on the east coast are collectively clamoring to hear what is going on out there.




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