Moving to Lake Ella | 07/26/04

Ok, yesterday's entry is proofread. I'm sure you are pleased. Since yesterday's journal left off around 10am this morning, here's the rest of my day. 7am: I woke up, grabbed The Chomp and left for home. Once here I called my landlord, who assured me that my locks would be fixed asap. I then spent some time finding a doctor to check out my ears. They're not any worse, but they're not any better either. Between 8:30-noon I mastered the CD from our recording session. I got a lot of the echo of the room out and I have to say that I'm really proud of some of my edits. Not that I could splice anything together, since we only had one take per song, but I was able to normalize sections where one note was really loud in a line, which happens a lot on pan. It still sounds like it was recorded at a concert but since it was recorded in a concert hall, that's fine. I was hoping OTTO would be up so I could put the songs online for your listening enjoyment, but it's down again. Stupid OTTO. Anyway, Matt came over at noon and he and packed some more stuff and headed over to the apartment. Upon our arrival to the new apartment we discovered there was no power. He dropped me off at City Hall and I changed my utilities over with an overlap until Friday. I came back home and packed some more things but then fell asleep until Jamie came over for dinner around 8. Tomorrow I'm getting the truck and moving the last of my crap out of here except this computer (since my cable doesn't get transferred over until the first week out of August). Ta-ta!




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