Fortis vs. Ear Infection | 07/25/04

I battled my ear problems all day again today. Apparently Fortis is only accepted in Reno, Nevada and somewhere near Noneck, West Virginia. Well, I am writing this a day late, so I guess I should accommodate for that--and I will, Yesterday afternoon Jamie and I drove to some Goodwills in the hope of finding some tall bookshelves or a stereo cabinet. In a perfect world two stereo cabinets. One for my stereo goodies, another for my video games. Alas, we only found one and it was $50. Not having $50, I didn't really have a choice but to pass. Around 6pm the Less N' Steel Moving Company arrived and we started clearing out the living room. Now that most of the big furniture is gone, I feel like we've accomplished a lot and it will feel even better once the kitchen isn't such a hell hole. The best idea of the entire night was having Chris make dinner while the rest of us took another load over. Walking into my new apartment and smelling the food was like when I was a little kid and we'd go over to my grandma's house. It always smelled clean and there was always something delicious in the process of being made. Last night's feast was Chicken Marcela and it was made just the way I like it--not swimming in goo. Once everyone left Jamie was getting ready to leave when we noticed something: the front door couldn't lock. The key just turned and turned. I decided that I was going to stay there for the night. For all of the things that went wrong, at least it was quiet there. Nice and quiet. The dogs weren't particularly tired and they were more than a little freaked out so they took to pacing. Figuring they might need to go out, I brought them to the little fenced area but when we came in the back door didn't lock. By this point I was pretty pissed. I made a list of all of the things wrong with every room and finally dragged the futon cushion up the stairs into the bedroom so Chompy wouldn't get all crazy after each noise. So I'm finally ready to fall asleep at about 3:30am's the trashman, collecting the garbage from the dumpster. Why the HELL do they collect the garbage in this city between midnight at 4am. I mean seriously, how ridiculous is this?




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