100 Most Metal Moments | 07/24/04

What the hell is wrong with my ears? Yes, they're full of fluid but why can't it just go away? Of course the only place open today didn't accept my insurance so I have to keep sucking it up until tomorrow. Aside from getting disoriented easily, not hearing the same volume in each ear really screws you up. For me it causes a headache as well. I tried taking some Sudafed to break up any congestion but that did nothing. It's especially horrible when I'm trying to eat. I hear every chew and every swallow reverberate through my skull and that really sucks. Matt came over in the afternoon and he and moved another Suburu-load over. After he went home I packed more stuff up. Everyone else came back at 7pm but due to the weather we had to put our plans on hold. We all watched VH1's 100 Most Metal Moments while eating pizza. The Tallahassee Caribbean festival is coming up soon. I'm going to email the director and see if we can play on the stage for an hour or two in the hopes that gigs will spring forth, like the pus from my ears.




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