Lake Ella Apartment | 07/23/04

I was able to get one of the big things checked off my list. New apartment: check. It was such a big thing, I decided to use a bigger picture today. I know, yesterday I used a big one too, but yesterday's was only two normal sizes stacked on top of each other. Today's though, oh yes, is a whopping 4x the normal size. Aside from leaving my pictures of Chompy on my new landlord's desk on accident things went smoothly. I showed Chris, Jamie and Mike the new place and then Jamie and I set out to Scales and Tails for dinner with Jamie's parents. Between being reminded of my impending baldness and the half-spiced chicken, things could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. At least I had a fish tank to look at. After dinner the troops were rallied and we made the first set of trips over to the new place. Even though we filled up a couple cars it looks like nothing at all has been moved. Tomorrow will be a bigger day, with some of the larger items being transported across town, hopefully with the aid of Matt Flynn.




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