Steel Drum Recordings | 07/22/04

After all my hard work in Photoshop you can't even tell it says MAGMA on that microphone. Oh well. The bad news of the day was that my lime-green apartment is gone. I found another townhouse sort of deal over by C&M's which I might just take. It has a teeny-teeny yard for Chompy (it's about four Chompies set send to end in each direction) but at least it's fenced in. The big news of the day was recording my stuff. Chris and I snagged some coffee on the way and brought some stuff down while we waited for the ever-late Liz. It took her about 45 minutes to set all of the individual mics up but in the end everything worked. On the whole things went really smoothly and there were only a couple major blowouts that had to be rerecorded at the end. Tomorrow I have the enviable task of going through to splice things together and other editing tasks so that I can send these out on Monday. Hopefully this weekend I'll be moving so I can mooch the resources of my friends yet again. Once I disconnect my cable modem from the router I'll put some samples and link them from the Mas N' Steel site but at nearly 40MB right now, that's a little too much. My least favorite piece going into the recording, Stinger, turned out to be the best one we recorded. Our 17-year old drummer got a little excited at the end and brought the volume a little past where I would have liked but it's nothing the magic of technology can't fix. After recording, Jara, Jamie, Matt and I hit Applebee's where we received the worst service I've had in Tallahassee. Apparently out waitress had a "bad toothache" but she kept switching which side hurt so I don't believe it. Well, it's 3:03am and it's time for bed.




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