Steel Drum Drama | 07/21/04

I can't remember the last time I was in such a good mood. It's been probably six months or more. I still don't have a job nor a place to live but I had the best time in rehearsal tonight. Those guys really cheered me up. I was totally prepared to pick things apart and make them play 2-beat segments but no. Everyone was so prepared that we actually were able to make music, something I haven't been able to do in forever (forever ever?). I dropped off the music to the new drum set player, Dan (one of Matt's high school students) this afternoon and to be honest, I was scared. This 17 year old shows up tonight and plays the hell out of everything! More importantly I finally got to get away from the kit and hear Chris' beautiful melodic playing and Michael's ball-busting runs. Man, it was great. I'm feeling better than ever about tomorrow's recording session. In a little sadder news, Matt was fired as the Leon High School director to give way for their former director, David. Apparently David knew about Matt's desire to keep going and still strong armed his way in. That's foul. Real foul. I was under the impression they had asked David but apparently he was the aggressor despite his conversation with Matt. What's even worse is that Leon strung Matt along AND never even told him in person--he got a poorly worded email this evening. Regardless of David's experience, Matt loves those kids and they love him. On a more selfish note, I know Matt would have been more receptive to doing more my pieces. Anyway, if you see Matt offer your condolences.




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