Google Reindexing | 07/20/04

I went to view the possible apartment tonight. It was perfect except the walls were a neon green. Well, not just walls. Everything in the living room...doorbell, radiator, A/C unit, everything was painted this horrible bright lime green. The landlord said he'd paint it unless I liked it and I certainly do not. The bedroom was pained a more pleasant red. The kitchen was huge and for only $25 more a month than I pay here it seems really great. Hardwood floors, the whole shebang. After the viewing I dropped off parts to everyone for tomorrow. This afternoon I cleaned out most of my bedroom while watching Chompy and The Ab.

Yesterday Google re-found my page and the clever searches are starting all over again. Thanks! You will have to wait for my FSU-Lies section because I am freaking tired.




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