Secret Messages | 07/19/04

Although I feel much better today, I still have the cough made popular in the late 1960's arcade craze of Hac-Man and, the much-anticipated sequel, Ms. Hac-Man. Jamie and I each found a ton of places to live today and tomorrow I'm going to go see one that's a whopping $650/mo. This seems like a lot to me, but that's about what I pay here, even though the new one has got to be bigger. If nothing else, it's in a really safe neighborhood and hopefully the quiet will be deafening. The worst news of the day was how close I was to seeing KISS. I was the 2nd caller to Gulf 104 to answer a trivia question. Somehow the person before me got it right and I got nothing. I was SO close! I can't believe the first caller knew the answer. I can't believe it. No one has more useless rock trivia locked away than me. Even that loser from Beat The Geeks (on Comedy Central for about two days) couldn't hold a candle to me. Argh, I was so pissed. I spent the afternoon locked away in Finale making new parts. I am really getting sick of that program. Sibelius is even worse--I shouldn't say Finale is bad because it does a lot of really good things. But now that I know all the basics (save Speedy Entry [Damn you speedy entry!]) and need it to do more complex things it's really not being very pleasant. Jamie took me out to Ruby Tuesday's and Chris came along for our good company. Not that I was particularly good company tonight. Tomorrow's entry will be the lies FSU has told me starting with November 2000 and will continue up to yesterday. Anyway, I shouldn't have been surprised that the things they told me were different than how things really are and now I'm just pissed all over again. Every time something like this happens with the steel band I tell myself, "This is it. I'm severing my ties" but then I don't. Why don't I? Because I like the people. Most of my closest friends I met in the band and I really enjoy them for both their musical abilities and friendships. I have a hard time keeping the two straight, which always gets me back into the fray when I need to just step out. This, of course, leads to a new series of problems because my doing so effects more than just me. The sad part for me is that I know I'm fighting a losing battle. No one other than me gives a damn about my principles, especially FSU and, in all fairness to them, they shouldn't. I think I overestimate my own value in this regard but without any sort of back-up plan all I can do is just sit around being mad. I should have expected them to be as two-faced and not allowed myself to get as involved as I did. It was dumb and I see that now. Below is a summery of the World Music Dept.

D.O.: I have no idea what's going on. I'm completely out of it so I'll just make things up to end a conversation peacefully then dump it off on K-P.

K-P: D.O. has no idea what's going on. I'm completely with it so I'll rectify everything by being honest and then never mention anything to D.O. so he can spew his moronic ideas so I can fix them again later. We're both tenured so really, we never have to speak to each other. I'm too nice to crush anyone personally but I'll leave things completely open-ended and then never get back to you so you're not mad at me.

M.B.: I'm staying out of everything. And that's too bad because I'm the only one that can say things to your face that you might not want to hear.




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