King Crab | 07/18/04

Ah, the king crab. The reason I am awake now instead of in bed, ridding myself of the sick-sicks. I blame the Discovery Channel and their in-depth coverage of King Crab fishing in Alaska. What a great little program. My day started freaking great. The novelty of having my music played has not complete worn off yet, as I realized during out 2.5 hour rehearsal. I was simply amazed how quickly things came together and I'm feeling really good about recording later this week. My favorite is still Car Wreck but Modest Funk Bus Line might be able to over-take it. This afternoon I napped while the Cubs lost and woke up in time to make Jamie and myself some potato soup for dinner. After we ate, we settled into some Texas Hold 'Em online where I managed to lose a couple hundred Yahoo dollars. If you have any interest in playing with us online lemme know--Jamie wants your money.




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