Tapered Jeans Are Coming Back | 07/17/04

Well, I'm still not done being sick. I knew it the second I woke up and that's not too great a feeling--knowing that you're not going to feel so hot the rest of the day. Anyway, Chris came over around noon and he and I got to work on making his drosophila gene map chart. Jamie made a pizza for lunch while we did it and unlike some of her past "culinary abortions" this was pretty darn tasty. We then drove around to look at some apartments and the one that was $400/mo is definitely out. What it had going for it was the fact it was $400/mo and the excitement of knowing that the filmed Deliverance there. What was working against it is that the characters from the movie would be my neighbors. I took a nap after we got back and then called Liz about getting into Opperman about doing a recording with all the best equipment. Much to my initial surprise, she agreed readily and I then set to work about assembling the Mas N' Steel All-Stars. Unfortunately David Knapp was still in NY and Ryan was going to Texas with Missy, leaving me to play drum set. Jamie got another rape call and had to miss dinner with the rest of us at Fatty's. After dinner Matt Flynn came over to pick up the music for tomorrow and then Jamie and I watched Caddyshack. Well, *I* watched Caddyshack while she slept off and on.

My question of the day is: When are tapered jeans going to come back in style? Man, I can't wait.




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