Sick-Sicks | 07/16/04

Someone's got a case of the sick-sicks. I'll give you one guess. Oh that's right, it's me. Even though I woke up early, I ended up having to take a nap after scouting for some new houses. I woke up around 7pm to a program on Genghis Khan. I meant to watch the end of it but I ended up having to cater to Chompy and missed the part after he died and his sons split up the empire. The big news of the day was the deconstruction of the famed pool table. Chris, Mike, Jamie and Jara came over for Pack Party #1 and the table was dismantled quickly with very few problems. Jamie did manage to get whacked in the head by a loose board but other than that we had no serious problems. Without the pool table my apartment seems very big and the dogs have ample room to fight in places other than my bedroom. We were able to keep the slate pieces together, which was my largest concern. Chris masterfully deciphered the directions and assigned us various tools and that was that. We also decided to get together to play on Sunday.




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