Mary's Blog | 07/15/04

I was reading Mary's, friend and former student. journal today and came across a little quiz to get your picture for the day. I can't remember the exact details but it was something to the effect of adding the total number of entries together, do something else and then something else and eventually you count to a certain word in a given entry. You then search for it on Google and take the first image you see. So, my word was "night" and there's the picture of "night" I got. I don't know what it is but it doesn't look like night to me. Jamie got called to go to the hospital for rape counseling last night so I was on Ab duty at 2:47am. She wouldn't sleep and the only time she wasn't squeaking was when Chompy had Ab's head in her mouth. I got up again at 6:38 to go to Publix to get my boxes. Michael was working and helped me bring the bottomless boxes back to my car. I came back home and slept until 1ish. Theory-Chris and I went out to lunch at the CFA where we hit up a college freshman (sophomore?) for some boxes. Score. I need to go back tomorrow to claim the rest of my booty. I came home during the downpour and packed up all my books. It took seven crates but they're all in there. All my CDs are now packed up as well and my house is starting to look a little more empty. The mighty journal has charged on to over 5100 hits. I think due to my erratic sleeping I might be getting sick. Tomorrow night we're going to have a pack-party, as long as I get enough boxes to make it worth while. The pool table hopefully will be disassembled so I can have some more free space for my staging area. I also need to call about getting a truck. Oh, and an apartment.




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