Happy Fish | 07/14/04

Oh look, it's my happy fish. Why is he so happy? Because he got his tank cleaned today, for the last time before I move. I found a couple of floaters but promptly gave them the appropriate bowl-salute. Jamie and I discovered Texas Hold 'Em on Yahoo today and she took my money for most of the afternoon. For dinner we trotted over to On The Border and then to Publix, so I could throw myself at their mercy for leftover boxes from the overnight stocking of the store. They agreed so I have to wake up at 6:30am tomorrow in order to make it there by 7am to ensure my precious cardboard doesn't get baled and sent to benefit Mother Earth by means of the recycling center. I had initially gone up to school to see if I could score some from the many offices but I only found one. I packed it full of CDs when I got home so I could feel like I accomplished something. Ah, it felt so good.




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