Greatest Steel Drum Song Ever | 07/12/04

It was noonish, and there I was, working on the greatest song ever written for pan. Out of nowhere, *BAM*, Chris calls. Free lunch? Sure thing! This afternoon I applied for some more jobs and for dinner Jamie and I ordered BW3 wings for the last time. How on earth can they screw up your order so many times? We got back and watched the home run derby portion of the World Series. I discovered tonight why there are rarely fish bodies in my tank. The answer is the ever-growing Chris Rix. Suctioned to the peacock corpse he was just systematically chowing down. He's smart--fish is brain food. Hah. I'm in a bad mood because one of my posts on the steel drum message board was called 100% wrong. I'm as wrong as much as the next guy but I hate it when people appear out of the woodwork spewing utter crap. While I am not the grammar king by any means, I can differentiate between there/their/they're and don't Capitalize random parts of sentences. What I really hate about these people on message boards is that they're (hahx2) bellies are so full of fire they can't wait to refute you but God forbid they proofread. Not that I proofread these journal entries but it's not like I have to argue with myself.




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