Cribbage Tips | 07/11/04

I briefly rediscovered Cribbage tonight, one of my favorite games from college. My friend Don taught it to me and he was a card shark. Big time. He won in everything we played and did all the trick deals. Thank God Texas-Hold-Em was never introduced or I wouldn't have had enough money to pay rent. After we graduated (well, by "we" I mean me) from college we all went to the Indian casino. Although I broke even, Don was the only one that won any money. Anyway, I was kind of sick today but I think I'm over it now. I really having nothing interesting to say. Sorry. It was just one of those days.

Oh! I started working on the best steel band piece of all-time. I don't mean this in a conceded way, but honestly, this will be the Rite of Spring of steel drum music, just wait. No seriously, this is going to break the proverbial mold. Now, I can see you rolling your eyes and even laughing but I really mean it. "I'm serious mommy." (Name that tune, anyone?)




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