William and Mary Blow | 07/10/04

I can't believe I woke up so early. I just can't believe it. Not only did I wake up early, I didn't nap today. Today was my journal's day in the sun, so to speak, because it was the #8 music education website on Nedstat. At midnight it slipped back down, but I enjoyed my day. Jamie came over around noon and we got some lunch before settling in to house-hunt-mode. The afternoon was spent driving in remote parts of Tallahassee to find a house in my price range--somewhere between $10-$20/mo. We found a couple of winners and some of them aren't even in the depths of the ghetto. After finding some winners we decided to play some Monopoly. It ended with a friendly flinging of accessories but surprisingly not by me. For dinner Jamie and I had some soup and rolls. Mmm. I feel like we did a lot today but offhand I can't really think of anything. Well, that's what being this age is for: spending time with people and not being able to recall any of it.

And today, the Top Five Songs to Get You Out of Bed and Excited (well, for me anyway).

1) Sabotage, Beastie Boys

2) Smooth Criminal, Alien Ant Farm cover

3) Break Ya Neck, Busta Rhymes

4) Fighter, Christina Aguilera

5) Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne

=====Saturday, July 10, 2004:Pupdate!=====

What am I doing up so early? It's just past 8am and although I did do a small amount of drinking last night I did not anticipate a) being awake before noon and b) feeling good. I think this was from the deep, deep sleep that ensued after I went to bed. In my haste last night I failed to mention that my favorite fish, my prized peacock died. He was back, sort of, in a dream, though. And talking to me after being discovered, with some other fish, in a cup of milk I'd poured. After setting them free I went to play a steel band concert and we had to walk back in front of this choir backstage who was warming up. This one kid said something under his breath about me, or, about us not being musicians and I had no choice but to kick his ass. And I really kicked his ass. After leaving him a bloody pulp I went back to where we where setting up and it was announced that instead of playing the concert on stage, we'd be put in the audience and we'd sing our parts. I found Jamie, Chris and Mary all sitting in a row with an empty seat on the end next to Mary. When I tried to take it, Jamie got really angry and told me I wasn't allowed to sit there because I was not allowed to sit next to Mary. I countered with the fact that while I was a capable player, I was easily the worst singer and should be by someone who I could follow (which would be anyone in that row). She kept getting more angry until I agreed to sit behind them by myself. Suddenly, the audience of elementary school kids entered and took their seats in and around us. I was sitting next to this bratty little black-haired kid. Rather than singing out concert, we were instead going to play this video game. The steel band versus everyone else. This I-Pod looking thing was handed out and a big screen lowered on stage. Our scores would be collected and the winner would get something...something nice. The game consisted of this: you were in control of a leaf. The leaf would move horizontally on the screen and you had to collect other leaves dropping from the top at different times. Sounds simple but it wasn't. The scores were close and this kid and I were the only two left playing. He died with a score of 150 and I had 645 (and yes, those were the exact numbers). For some reason, though, when I died, he was cheering. Jamie turned around and with this kid told me I had been playing on the wrong mode and that we had lost. As my punishment, Jamie said, I had to relive an entire year of my life that would be randomly selected out of a hat. I was hoping for some time in the 1970s or 80s but no, what do I get? 2003. Somehow I managed to relive an entire year that left out nothing I can think of now in a mere 8 hours of sleep. Even after reviewing my old journal entries, every major event was covered in my dream. Weird.

After catching a glimpse of High Fidelity, let me take the opportunity for a new segment that will last until I bored of it (like two days). The subject today: Top Five Songs addressing the passing of time.

1) Ten Years Gone, Led Zeppelin

2) Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

3) Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Duke Ellington

4) Cats in the Cradle, Harry Chapin

5) 100 Years, Five For Fighting




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