John Bonham | 10/12/06

Last night I won poker and then forced tchris to watch videos of Led Zeppelin on YouTube. He used The Ocean as an example in his prelims and now knows the song better than me. Weird. I went back to karate last night and now all of God's Accidents have new belts as they tested last Saturday. Everyone with any amount of skill did not test and the ones with the most severe mental retardation moved up to purple. This includes Future Rapist and Raji. I had to work with Future Rapist last night and man, I kicked his ass all over the place. ALL OVER THE PLACE. I adapted the moves to make them way more painful and there was no courtesy holding when taking him down. It is my fear that now he too can attend the upper belt classes and will be my new, permanent partner now that Gorbechev most likely tested for his blue belt. Damn.




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