Rest in Peace William and Mary | 07/08/04

Rest in peace, William and Mary. In case you didn't read today's (p)update, I was not the winner of the W&M Liaison Competition. While I'm disappointed, I not feeling as bad as I thought I would. Like I've been saying since February, at least I know. I now have the next 2-3 weeks to finalize a job in Tallahassee and to find some new digs. I also got a call from FSU saying something to the effect of "Hey. Where is everything you were supposed to turn in?" Well, my reply, in no uncertain terms, was that they'll get it when I'm ready. When will that be? Beats me. I've been so preoccupied with this job-hunting scene I've really abandoned all else. I'll get a welcome break tomorrow night when Chris comes for for a no-spouse night la last summer.

Although I would consider myself to be a democrat; more specifically falling into the bleeding-heart genus, this Kerry/Edwards ticket lost my vote today with this. Sorry you guys, we can't all have nice hair, botox, be born into money. Where's a nice bald John McCain? He says what he wants and can't be stopped by the bald gene. Ok, so he might not be a bleeder too, but he'd get my vote.

=====Thursday, July 8, 2004:Pupdate!=====

I received the blow from W&M today. They've gone with someone else. On to greener pastures. Maybe I could be a groundskeeper at a golf course. Or something greener.




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