MS Paint | 07/07/04

Furthing my MS Paint theme, I decided to create you a magic eye graphic today. Since I was born with some sort of eye defect I can't see magic eye things. While people were screaming "It's a puppy!" in 6th grade I was randomly guessing "The third station of the cross!". I think it has to do with my large cups. Lacking a degree in ophthalmology I don't know exactly what that means but it somehow messes up my depth perception. For those of you following the job-saga I still didn't hear from W&M and managing an office looks like my career future. I called a bunch of times and sent an email; no reply. In my down time I looked over a bunch of scores and started negotiating deals with some publishers for my stuff. The two companies I chose are both smaller and are more interested in promoting the art form than making a ton of cash, which coincides with my goals, at least until I'm completely broke. With over 40 pieces to offer, I think I have some clout--it can almost double the material of most publishers. What they want from me are some live recordings, so it looks like I'm going to have to call Liz and throw myself at her mercy about recording us in Opperman. I'd really like to sell about ten copies a month. I don't know if that's reasonable or not, but if my take is $20/piece, then I'll be doing ok. Not enough to live, of course, but that would pay my loans, which are about to rear their ugly heads.




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