Moving Home | 07/06/04

Even though I didn't hear from W&M today, I have a new approach. I am going to feel good about it. Feeling bad about it causes nothing more than an enormous pity-party for myself and that benefits no one. And when I'm having a party like that, there's no time for anything else. Tomorrow I'm going to call and lay my cards on the table. I've waited as long as I can, done everything in my power to give them the time they needed from my personal life so tomorrow I'm going to just outright ask if I'm still in it. If so, great. I'll do one hell of a job for them, the likes they have never seen. If no? Then at least I can figure out what I'm doing for sure. Whether that's taking a job in Tallahassee as an office manager or other options, it's ok, because they didn't think I was the right person for the job and they could be entirely right so I just have to kick back and trust them. Let me on record, though, and say that I want that job as my #1 option. Anyway, I received the call no one ever wants. The call from your father reminding you that you can move home. Eek. No one on the Earth has ever wanted the call but I have to give my dad credit, he played it cool. Real cool. This of course is the last option I would ever want. After living independently for seven years, I don't think I could go back to having rules made by anyone other than me over my head. Not that it's unreasonable. Of course, I can respect the my-house, my-rules policy. When I have a house, I plan to implement my own version of this. Nonetheless, it's scary that my life and the current job market has put me into such a situation. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, though and until then I'm hoping to move somewhere in the Williamsburg area.




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