Happy Monday | 07/05/04

Happy Monday, another day off. Tomorrow I foresee receiving my decision from W&M. I foresee a "thanks, but no thanks" reply. I think if they wanted me they would have said something by now and the fact it's been over a month with minimal contact has lead me to believe someone else is in their cards. I saw the Cubs lose today. Another good game but again the fact they couldn't score a single run ruined them. Jamie and I made some potato soup, veal and other assorted goodies for dinner. It was the best potato soup I've ever made by far. The secret, of course, was the extra bacon. After we ate we brought Jamie's dad's car to the airport so they can drive back after their saga in Alaska. Tonight Naperville-Mark went to go visit Cult-Matt. I hope everything goes well for Mark since he has to be the friend-ambassador.

I regret not taking the publishing job in Pensacola. I regret it big time. Ok, I got a fellowship to teach a class last year but it's not like it's a huge secret that I was tired of FSU. By this point I'd be making only $11/hr but right now I'm making $0/hr and am in a pretty dire situation as to my f(s)uture. I think of the dozens of pieces that I would have written by now. I'm tired of these feelings of regret. I have nothing really currently regrettable to talk about, though, since my options are so limited. It's amazing how you go from having the world as your oyster to being just generally stuck somewhere. Boo.




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