Happy Fourth of July! | 07/04/04

Poor Chompy. She HATES the 4th of July. She spent the morning on top of the crate in her closet. That's right--on TOP of her crate in the 6" high space. Around 3pm we trotted over to Jamie's to meet up with Chris, Mike, Jara and Jamie for some grilling. Although Michael lost some of his precious arm hair, we managed to get the grill lit with no serious problems. To bide my time I decided I was going to throw some chestnuts into the pool. Why? I wanted to hear how loud of a ker-plop it would make. I eventually took to flinging them high into the air and man, they were really ker-plopping. The only problem was, when going for the mother-of-all-plops, I hurt my back. Big time. Apparently mankind never had a reason to throw things straight up really hard, so evolution did not prepare me for this. I think it's a pulled muscle. Whatever it is, it is KILLING me. After eating we discussed some possibilities for a make-over of Jamie's parents' house but no one wanted to buy me the aluminum to cover their walls. I thought I had a lot of good ideas but apparently I was the only one that thought that. We left there to go back to Chris and Mike's but Jamie's roommate Danielle left a horrific mess so we had to clean that up. God, I thought I was a slob. I wasn't ever that bad when I had roommates, though. Jamie is going to friend-dump her. Just like on Seinfeld. After we cleaned that up we went over to C&M's for some Rummikube, Pepperoni loaf and Deliverance (the movie). Jamie edged me out on Rummikube but Jara was the big loser after scoring 204 the first round. The food was EXCELLENT and the movie was disturbing. I will never be able to listen to a banjo the same way ever again. I cannot get that banjo player's face out of my head! Nightmares to come!




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