High School Story | 07/02/04

I'm so dumb. I went to bed last night with my phone tucked safely in bed with me, so I would be prepared for the news from William and Mary. Ab woke up about the same time as I nervously startled myself out of a dream. I checked my phone--no messages. I persuaded Ab into coming into bed and sleeping a little later and we rewoke up at 9:30. I again checked my phone--no messages. "Fool!", I thought to myself, why call when it costs money when they could email me for free? Running to my computer and disregarding the no-email-notice, I quickly logged in to see no new emails. I chatted briefly with my mom and I edged her out for first place in the who-is-more-cranky-in-the-morning contest. I checked my phone again after taking the dogs out even though I had the phone in my pocket. Nothing. By five o'clock I had checked my email enough times to eat up the month's bandwidth at mail.com. I avoided the phone at all costs in case call -waiting decided not to work this one time like a teenage girl a mere week before the prom when a new boy appears at school who, while not entirely attractive, is good-looking enough for her to be madly in love and to cause her to pray endlessly during study hall and practice writing her name with last last name in loopy cursive on each and every bus ride. Even though Williamsburg is on Eastern Time, I figured maybe as a cost-cutting measure they would be calling me at a non-peak hour. Nope. I did get a call (a very, very brief call) from Alan Coyle's assistant telling me by drum is on its way back from the chromer and that I'd be able to pick it up in a couple weeks. By 8:00pm I'd given up all hope. Damn, hope is dangerous. I realize I sound pretty desperate right now. I just really want that job. Looking at my other choices, I like that one the most and would be the best employee there. I'm just getting frustrated that things keep getting moved back. I feel as though I've bent over backwards with all my stuff here and they can't even keep me updated in where they are in the hiring process. It's just weird that everything up until a couple weeks ago, after I left, they could not have been more timely if I hired them a retired coach with a stopwatch. The problem is that I'm just generally bored. I don't even really have time to write music anymore, which was very stress-relieving. I really just want to start "the next phase" where I have a real job and can stop worrying about day-to-day ends meeting. Although everyone must go through this, I just don't understand how many people have avoided going crazy because of it.




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